Posted on: October 21, 2008 2:17 pm

NFC East Week 7 Wrap Up

Good win for the Giants this week. They win the games they are supposed to. This is what will seperate them from a lot of the teams come the end of the season IMO. To many teams are losing games they have no business losing. This will certainly come back to bite them in the end. So I didn't think the Giants would cover and they did thanks to a late safety. Good thing I don't bet the team I root for.

Some good things that came out of this game. Defense played exceptional creating turnovers galour. I did say that O'Sullivan was in a rough strech and he continued his ways. I also pointed out the West Coast problem playin in the East at 1 oclock and that continued. Infact I think 3 teams lost coming from the west this week including seattle's night game.

Let me start by saying that the offense has not looked good of late and needs to really get this thing going. Just a prelude into my week 8 update if the Giants want to win at Pitt they need to start clicking. With that said I believe that what you see from Eli is what he is. Troy Aikman called him a gamer and I agree. What he meant was he isn't going to always look pretty in his wins but he'll win a lot. It appears that he is most at ease when things are chaotic IE: 1:52 left in the superbowl down by 4. He Eli knows how to win games and thats what you have to love most about him. You may want to let him fall to 7th rd or later in fantasy but from a pure football perspective thats all you can ask for.

Continueing on the concern remarks I have to say Aaron Ross needs to figure somethings out. Its very odd I must admit since he seems to get tangled up a lot in coverage something you didn't see often in college or last year. Lets just hope it's a hiccup. On a positive note Chase Blackburn looked great. He even recorded a sack. Nice leadership from him last week. I think AP will be back next week though so I will be short lived. We'll need him to continue his high level of play though just in case.

Rest of the East:

Skins v. Browns-

First let me pat my own back and say I called this one said take the points. The Skins are lucky that Romeo has no idea how to coach in the forth quarter. Did he really go for it on fourth down? Two weeks ago he kicked a field goal down 12...Whats 8+3? Any way the Skins still barely pulled it out inspite of Romeo. In reference to my preview I said that Campbell looked a lot like David Garrard and man is that true. The guy doesn't make mistakes and that is a plus for this team for sure. I also said this was a defining game for these two teams. The Redskins showed they can still win after a bad loss and next up Detriot (good for them). Cleveland well time for a new coach and QB.

Dallas v. Rams-

Woo did I ever mis on this team or what and you know what it's my own fault. I wrote out this big long piece why the Roy WIlliams trade didn't make sense right now, because of the defensive issues and still thought they could cover without TR. Well you know what that D is worse then I thought. Also I was never big on the Oline. I thought they good not great. But this is two weeks in a row they have been just run through. I was chastised (spelling?) prior to the season for saying they were ok not great by a Dallas fan (I pm'd you and you never return a response) because of how many probowlers they had last year. To all Giants, Skins, and Eagle fans if you ever get this arguement always remember that the fans vote for these players. Like it or not the Cowboys are the Yankees of football. They have more fans then any other team. This doesn't mean they are the best team they just have a good PR strategy. Infact little history lesson. We all know the phrase "America's Team" we'll Bob Ryan, the Vice President and editor-in-chief of NFL Films, coined this for the Cowboys in 1979 started that ,because of their colors and the Cowboys really pushed it late 70's early 80's. One of my friends actually fell for it in the 80's I remember he was like I want to root for America's team. Well the moral of the story is 80% of their fans outside of Texas were dupped into rooting for them in a marketing scheme. That number includes second generations whose fathers fell for it.

Any way this team has tons of problems and it starts with thier Defense and ends with injuries. Romo will be able to hide the Oline problem when he gets back, because of his mobilitiy but this coach needs to get this thing turned around. And one side note Jason Garret isn't the answer. With the team positioned the way it is currently a kid his age has no chance.


 Hey you didn't lose right!

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Posted on: October 15, 2008 9:16 am

NFC East Shake Up?

Ok everyone I decided not to post a recap of week 6 until today, because I wanted the bad taste out of my mouth before I posted. I have to say this game went almost exactly like I said except for one slight misdirecetion. Eli lead the team down for a score right before half like he always does to move them within 3. Then the Giants get the ball to start the quarter and this is where they pull away right? Annnnt wrong. Eli turns the ball over and the defense can't hold the Browns. If you recall my one key to the game was to get to the QB and the Giants didn't. They didn't record one sack. I'm going to chalk this one up to a quarter loss. The one loss your allowed for every 4 games. if you can go 3 -1 throughout you'll be 12-4 at the end of the season and in a nice spot for the playoffs.

Ok I haven't been to the boards, because I can't even think about what is being written about Eli. Let's concentrate on the good. We ran at will clipping off 5yds per carry. Even as atroshius as we played the Giants were still in the game until the late pick for a score. Can someone tell me why they went from no huddle moving to the ball to huddeling up inside the 20? Anyway down 13 with 7mins to go I thought the Giants were still going to pull off an ugly one. I'll let Eli slide and just say the dirty hit by Rodgers (driving Eli into the ground ball was out) was the reason for the pick6. So it wasn't a complete loss just not a good game all around. I think Spags needs to start thinking about some nickel pacakages, because this is a copy cat league and the three step drop to the quick pass was killing the Giants all night. Lets get an extra DB ready to go next week. Rebound game San Fran perfect setting.

Around the East

Eagles v. 9ers

Again I was pretty much spot on with every game. Lets start with the Eagles they are the easiest. They won a game they needed to win. It was ugly but at the end of the year going into the playoffs ugly doesn't matter. This game was decided with 5 mins to go just like I said it would. Turnovers late that turned into points made this game look a lot different then it really was. Ealges on bye get healthy Westbrook I got you in fantasy!

Skins v. Rams

Well I told you guys this was the trap game of the year. I mean I guess you can say the same for the Giants but they played a decent team on the road on Monday night football not really the same as playing the 2nd worst team in the league at home at 1pm on Sunday. I figured Washington wouldn't cover but to flat out lose I didn't think would happen. I fig their Defense alone would score enough to win this game. Hey you have to play every week that's why you play the games. Next up Cleveland. I'll give a break down later this week but Perfect setting for the Skins to get this show back on the Road.

Cowboys v. Cards

Geez where do I start? I guess with the point I made that this team was going to need to win a shootout if they wanted to win this game but they didn't. Not surpirsed about the lose but I am surprised about everything else that unfolded. Romo out 4 weeks (on my fantasy team) Pacman - maybe gone forever, Jones out four weeks, trade 1,3,6 for Roy Williams? I mean I understand that I write these blogs for fun but can someone tell me how this got through. Your defense is in shambles and you have the number one scoreing offense in the league and you go out and get a Wr and give up a 1,3,6 oh yeah you got a 7 back. The tuna must be laughing his but off. Everythig he did to build this team the Cowboys are doing the opposite. The only good players they have on D he built thorugh the draft. The O he pretty much put togehter himself without one trade. I mean this to me is just plain stupid but hey who am I and maybe it will work out. Is Roy Williams really that good? I have him in fantasy as well and let me tell you he isn't. Oh yeah get this 20mm guarentted. So he is getting top 5 wr money.LOL.

It's starting to be apprantent to me the Jerry Jones is not a football guy. Lets face it the Cowboys of the 90's were great. But be real here Jimmy Johnson built that team through the draft. He took Aikman when Jones was completely agianst it  and Emit as well. Jerry said Emit was to small and the only reason Jimmy wanted him was because he was a FL guy. Hey it's starting to look as if those teams won inspite of Jerry. Then that team got old and broke up and the Cowboys completely fell apart they brought in the Tuna and he built it back to respectable THRUOGH THE DRAFT! and now they are trading away picks agian for sexy players. Well It's only a matter of time before the TO saga starts. And you know what stinks about that is the Cowboys drama will be the only news broadcasted. However, It does let the Giants sink back to the shadows where they are best suited.

Posted on: October 9, 2008 1:47 pm

NFC East Week 6

Week six is almost upon us. Thank goodness I'm ready for some football. We have to wait a little while longer to watch the Gmen take the field but it will be well worth it. Eli gets his number one back an extra day of rest for our guys and we get to sit back and watch what the other three do prior to taking the field on Monday. You know what's great about your team playing on Monday night. It's the terrible feeling you get about halfway through the Sunday night game when you realize the weekend is over. However, Monday morning you realize that you still get to look forward to watching your team play that night. So exciting.

Cleveland oh Cleveland. Expectations were so high for this team coming in this year. They had a new star at QB that was never anticipated, Braylon Edwards was the next big star at WR, an O-line considered to be one of the best in football, a TE that ran his mouth but backed it up on the field, and an ever imporving Defense. Oh how so much can change in just a few weeks. Fantasy football players are just miserable about their high draft picks of D. Anderson, B. Edwards, and Kellen Winslow. Now this team has played a very difficult schdule so far going 1-3 agianst the Boys, Pitt, and Baltimore. They did get a win over the Bengals.

The Giants key to the game are going to be (and I'm starting to sound repetitive) getting after D. Anderson. The one common denominator all year has been the Giants ability to hit the QB. Not alway resulting in a sack but hitting him so he knows they're there. The DB's for the Giants have been excellent this year. In my discussions prior to the season I tried to educate fans from the other three in the NFC east that these DB's aren't the ones you remember and that they would be ranked 1 or 2 at the end of the season in the divsion. Who's laughing now? Anyway going forward I truly believe that there is a possibilty that we could see a QB change in the second half of this game for Cleveland for several reasons.

1. They are coming off a bye week and D. Anderson has had pleanty of time to study film and get his act together. He is already on a short leash so one bad half on national television could be all he wrote.

2. Romeo Crennel can't have too much more time. Again his team came into the season with very high expectations. I believe the first half should be close so going into the second half we may see another QB before the oppertunity to steal one is gone.

3. The Browns have invested money and a high draft pick on a highly touted QB. He isn't going to sit on the bench too much longer and what better stage then Monday night football to showcase him?

Ok so as I said I believe this game will be a close one for a half or so but the Giants open it up in the second half. Cleveland's  D should come out fired up and it may take a few series for Eli to Plax to get readjusted. With that said the second half should be just about the time that BJ really starts to where down on Cleveland's D. If the Giants didn't already have enough motivation for this game by keeping a lead in the east, showing everyone last year wasn't a fluke, and playin on a national stage the Browns Corey Williams had this to say....

Browns' DT Corey Williams, who played with the Packers last season, on HB Brandon Jacobs and the Giants' offensive line: "It's a zone-blocking scheme that lets him run and pick a hole. There ain't nothing physical about them."

Williams on Jacobs: "We came real close to beating the Giants in the NFC title game. We were hitting (Jacobs), and he was slowing it down. He left the game. They let the Bradshaw kid come in. He's really the one who killed us."

Well congrats there Corey way to really give the big guy motivation. Didn't your parents warn you not to poke the bear? I believe the Giants pull away in the second half and win this one by 10.....

Around the East:

Dallas @ Cards - Currently the spread on this game is Dallas -5. Whew they really are coming down to earth in Vegas's mind huh. Only fav by 5? Well reports are out that Terrance Newman has a sports hernia and may need surgery and Pac well he beat up his body guard last night apprantly. Geez Not the time for this type of stuff to be happening to an already overrated Defense. Congrats you get the cards. Hopefully for your sake you win a shootout. I think the game plan for Dallas needs to change they need to take the air out of the ball slow the game down run the clock out and keep their D off the field. If they can do this they can cover and win by 7.

Eagles @ San Fran - Wow what a fall from grace with this team huh. The biggest problem for the Eagles is no Westbrook no offense. So B. West has a sprained ankle oh wait that's better now he only has some fractured ribs. Man this guy can't catch a break. The Eagles need him on the field otherwise it's going to be a long trip cross country. This is a San Fran team that isn't that good but they aren't afraid to win. You maybe saying to yourself that's the most retarded thing I've heard but hear me out. They have a QB that is finally getting a shot, a WR in I. Bruce that is getting a second chance with his fav coach, an outstanding running back, and a Defense that was supposed to be very good last year that just wasn't. They have nothing to lose at this point and everything to gain. Especially with everyone picking the Cards and the Hawks to finish above them. The Eagles D really needs to start flying around the field agian like the one were so use to seeing and carry the offense like in the times of Old. I can't say who is going to win but San Fran is getting 5 and I like the home dog. I'll turn this game on with 5 to go and see who pulls out the late win.

Washington hosting St. Loui - If this ins't a trap game I don't know what one is. Washington even has this one at home so they aren't even fighting the crowed. Listen by no means do I think they will lose this game but if your expecting a Giants or Eagles type W you can forget it. This team is now the toast of the league with 3 quality w's in a row on the road. They now get to go home with every station saying we have a new team and they get to host the worst team I've ever seen. I mean honestly the first two weeks I watched both Eagles and Giants v. St. Loui and they were horrible. Their D couldn't stop some of the top college teams and their Oline was a joke. Infact each linemen looked to be holding a clicker to check how many times Dlinemen were coming through like a turnstyle would. Well they are getting 13 here new coach Bulger back in S. Jackson finally showing improvement. I think they can keep this competitive for a while. Do they win no but take the points 13 if you hold out for a while you may get it at 14 or 15. To many people watch espn and don't do any research themselevs and will bet the hype. When was the last time a rookie head coach and first year QB in the system were double digits favs in the NFL? Maybe they can time will tell.  

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