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Posted on: October 16, 2008 1:33 pm

NFC East week 7 preview

Giants vs. 49ers

I started last week by talking about why Monday night games are so nice to watch. Well I forgot to mention one and to be honest I don't think I was objective enough at the time to state why. It's becomes a short week until the next game and there is no better way to forget about a loss then to get back out on the field and get a W and that is certainly something this teams needs.

One of my keys to the game last week was getting pressure on the QB. The Giants didn't record one sack and this certainly didn't help the situation. But after going over the game again it occured to me that the Giants still could have won that game without the defense playing well at all. Turnovers were the one and only reason the Giants lost that game. Down 13 with 7min to go and driving I was confident they could still win that game just as I was confident Eli would score running the 2min offense before the end of the half. With that said I'm going to turn my attention to the offense this week. Play smart football. I think at this point that is the most important key to this game vs. San Fran. The current line on this game is -10.5. I have to say this is a tough line and I don't think the Giants will cover. They very well can but if I had to lay money on this game I would take the points.

What we can expect:

As I stated earlier .... protecting the ball is going to be a major factor. O'Sullivan has 7 ints over this 3 game loseing streak SF has going. His recent fall from grace within the orginization will not get any easier this week. Two factors they are coming accross the country and it's a 1pm game thats 10am their time. For some reason or other you can check the stats, teams coming from the west coast playing 1pm games are just terrible ala Seattle two weeks ago. Eli will protect the ball better this week and distribute it better. At least he better! The one and only reason I'm weary about the point spread is it's my belief Pierce will have the week off. From the outside looking in most would say this isn't a big loss. AP doesn't have the measurements that make one go wow but he is our field general. He directs the linemen and the DB's. I think Chase will fill in admiralbly, however lossing leadership is tough. IMO this is a bigger loss then Osi. Let me be clear that there is no reason to believe the Giants will lose they are playing a broken team coming of a heart breaking loss, a team with a QB starting to show why he is a journeymen and a the front seven is good enough without AP to contain Frank Gore.  

Around the East:

Let me start with the Eagles. I'm going to go on record and say that I think this is going to be a one of the most dangerous teams in the second half of the season. I don't think the Eagles could have recieved a better bye week than this one. They get the 49ers prior to the bye and get the W. This allows and extra week for Westbrook to get healthy, Curtis to get readjusted, and then they get Atlanta at home the following week. Think Jim J's D will have a good time with that rookie QB? I do. Watch the Eagles second half to make a nice run at the playoffs.

Reskins vs. Cleveland: I'm going to call this game the defining game. I call it that, because I believe it to be that for both of these teams. The outcome will shape the rest of the season for these two IMO. If the Redskins can get a bounce back win it will show that they just needed a little wakeup call that entitlement is not a word that should be used in the NFL.

The current line on this game is Redskins -7. I don't think they cover that but I do believe they get the W. First and foremost I'm a believer in this team and I really believe they needed last week if they wanted to really persue the post season. You can check my previous weeks post I didn't think they were going to show up. I do believe they will show up this week vs. Cleveland and I truly believe this is a make it or break it for the Browns if they fall to 2-4 kiss is good night. With that said Clinton Portis should have a huge day. I believe he carries this team to a W. If you can take anything from the this season so far it's Campbell is very carefull with the ball. If he keeps it up and protects the ball this week Look for the Skins to pull out a 6 point W. Campbell really reminds me of David Garrad of last year.

Dallas vs. St. Louis: Come on move on. Dallas wins this game with just pure quality of tallent. They have alot of guys hurt but even so they win this game. The current spread is -7 give the points they win by 10 easy. Romo got a call from Brett the Jett and he pretty much told Romo to man up so look for Romo to possibly play this week. Even if he doesn't B. Johnson will lead this team to V. Whats funny is the injury to Romo will actually force the Cowboys to call a good game. What I mean by that is hand it early and often to M. Barber.

I just wanted to revisit this RW trade quickly. Its my own fault but I dropped by the Dallas board to state my opinion on this and took a lot of flack. Not from anyone who matters one or two nobodys but I just don't understand the move. It seems very Stienbrenner esc if you will. It is clear as day that this team needs help on Defense. Offense is not the problem, they have so many playmakers already that there was a little spat of TO complaining about only 17 balls coming his way. Can you imagine?  Now there is only one situation in which I see this trade really being useful and thats if TO is leaving.

Lets think of some teams that have a recieving core like this. Arizonia - Anquan caused trouble this offseason about not getting extended. There Defense has taken a hit for this I think its pretty clear. They lost Calvin Pace this offseason to the Jets as a free agent, because the two of them make so much. Lenord Davis walked the year before, because they couldn't afford him. The Bengals- Ever heard the phrase Ocho Cinco - Enough said about that take Anquan's complaints and move it to the 10th power. Hows there Defense been? Finally the Lions they are in a category of their own but we all no how that relationship ended. I pointed out that this trade would have been good for the Eagles and one Cowboy fan had the nerve to say that it's the same senario because the Eagles have like 9 less points scored this year. I mean really as a Cowboy fan how can you even make that statement? I'd love to get some Eagle feedback on that. How many of you out there have been completely disrespected about your offense from Cowboys fans as far as quality of recievers? I'm going to end it with this Offense doesn't win championships Defense does and unless the Cowboys address this they are going to have to wait a little while longer.


2007 NFL  Super Bowl XLII: New York Giants (NFC,10-6) defeated New England Patriots (AFC,16-0), Score: 17-14
2006 NFL  Super Bowl XLI: Indianapolis Colts (AFC,12-4) defeated Chicago Bears (NFC,13-3), Score: 29-17
2005 NFL  Super Bowl XL: Pittsburgh Steelers (AFC,11-5) defeated Seattle Seahawks (NFC,13-3), Score: 21-10
2004 NFL  Super Bowl XXXIX: New England Patriots (AFC,14-2) defeated Philadelphia Eagles (NFC,13-3), Score: 24-21
2003 NFL  Super Bowl XXXVIII: New England Patriots (AFC,14-2) defeated Carolina Panthers (NFC,11-5), Score: 32-29
2002 NFL  Super Bowl XXXVII: Tampa Bay Buccaneers (NFC,12-4) defeated Oakland Raiders (AFC,11-5), Score: 48-21
2001 NFL  Super Bowl XXXVI: New England Patriots (AFC,11-5) defeated St. Louis Rams (NFC,14-2), Score: 20-17
2000 NFL  Super Bowl XXXV: Baltimore Ravens (AFC,12-4) defeated New York Giants (NFC,12-4), Score: 34-7
1999 NFL  Super Bowl XXXIV: St. Louis Rams (NFC,13-3) defeated Tennessee Titans (AFC,13-3), Score: 23-16

Just to hammer home my point I wanted to add the last 9 superbowl matchups with the final outcomes. Look through these games and show me a team that didn't have an above avg. defense that won? We could go back further but you get the point. I highlighted the team with a better statistical offense. The two teams that won with a better offense didn't let the other team score more than 17 points!

Posted on: October 15, 2008 9:16 am

NFC East Shake Up?

Ok everyone I decided not to post a recap of week 6 until today, because I wanted the bad taste out of my mouth before I posted. I have to say this game went almost exactly like I said except for one slight misdirecetion. Eli lead the team down for a score right before half like he always does to move them within 3. Then the Giants get the ball to start the quarter and this is where they pull away right? Annnnt wrong. Eli turns the ball over and the defense can't hold the Browns. If you recall my one key to the game was to get to the QB and the Giants didn't. They didn't record one sack. I'm going to chalk this one up to a quarter loss. The one loss your allowed for every 4 games. if you can go 3 -1 throughout you'll be 12-4 at the end of the season and in a nice spot for the playoffs.

Ok I haven't been to the boards, because I can't even think about what is being written about Eli. Let's concentrate on the good. We ran at will clipping off 5yds per carry. Even as atroshius as we played the Giants were still in the game until the late pick for a score. Can someone tell me why they went from no huddle moving to the ball to huddeling up inside the 20? Anyway down 13 with 7mins to go I thought the Giants were still going to pull off an ugly one. I'll let Eli slide and just say the dirty hit by Rodgers (driving Eli into the ground ball was out) was the reason for the pick6. So it wasn't a complete loss just not a good game all around. I think Spags needs to start thinking about some nickel pacakages, because this is a copy cat league and the three step drop to the quick pass was killing the Giants all night. Lets get an extra DB ready to go next week. Rebound game San Fran perfect setting.

Around the East

Eagles v. 9ers

Again I was pretty much spot on with every game. Lets start with the Eagles they are the easiest. They won a game they needed to win. It was ugly but at the end of the year going into the playoffs ugly doesn't matter. This game was decided with 5 mins to go just like I said it would. Turnovers late that turned into points made this game look a lot different then it really was. Ealges on bye get healthy Westbrook I got you in fantasy!

Skins v. Rams

Well I told you guys this was the trap game of the year. I mean I guess you can say the same for the Giants but they played a decent team on the road on Monday night football not really the same as playing the 2nd worst team in the league at home at 1pm on Sunday. I figured Washington wouldn't cover but to flat out lose I didn't think would happen. I fig their Defense alone would score enough to win this game. Hey you have to play every week that's why you play the games. Next up Cleveland. I'll give a break down later this week but Perfect setting for the Skins to get this show back on the Road.

Cowboys v. Cards

Geez where do I start? I guess with the point I made that this team was going to need to win a shootout if they wanted to win this game but they didn't. Not surpirsed about the lose but I am surprised about everything else that unfolded. Romo out 4 weeks (on my fantasy team) Pacman - maybe gone forever, Jones out four weeks, trade 1,3,6 for Roy Williams? I mean I understand that I write these blogs for fun but can someone tell me how this got through. Your defense is in shambles and you have the number one scoreing offense in the league and you go out and get a Wr and give up a 1,3,6 oh yeah you got a 7 back. The tuna must be laughing his but off. Everythig he did to build this team the Cowboys are doing the opposite. The only good players they have on D he built thorugh the draft. The O he pretty much put togehter himself without one trade. I mean this to me is just plain stupid but hey who am I and maybe it will work out. Is Roy Williams really that good? I have him in fantasy as well and let me tell you he isn't. Oh yeah get this 20mm guarentted. So he is getting top 5 wr money.LOL.

It's starting to be apprantent to me the Jerry Jones is not a football guy. Lets face it the Cowboys of the 90's were great. But be real here Jimmy Johnson built that team through the draft. He took Aikman when Jones was completely agianst it  and Emit as well. Jerry said Emit was to small and the only reason Jimmy wanted him was because he was a FL guy. Hey it's starting to look as if those teams won inspite of Jerry. Then that team got old and broke up and the Cowboys completely fell apart they brought in the Tuna and he built it back to respectable THRUOGH THE DRAFT! and now they are trading away picks agian for sexy players. Well It's only a matter of time before the TO saga starts. And you know what stinks about that is the Cowboys drama will be the only news broadcasted. However, It does let the Giants sink back to the shadows where they are best suited.

Posted on: October 9, 2008 1:47 pm

NFC East Week 6

Week six is almost upon us. Thank goodness I'm ready for some football. We have to wait a little while longer to watch the Gmen take the field but it will be well worth it. Eli gets his number one back an extra day of rest for our guys and we get to sit back and watch what the other three do prior to taking the field on Monday. You know what's great about your team playing on Monday night. It's the terrible feeling you get about halfway through the Sunday night game when you realize the weekend is over. However, Monday morning you realize that you still get to look forward to watching your team play that night. So exciting.

Cleveland oh Cleveland. Expectations were so high for this team coming in this year. They had a new star at QB that was never anticipated, Braylon Edwards was the next big star at WR, an O-line considered to be one of the best in football, a TE that ran his mouth but backed it up on the field, and an ever imporving Defense. Oh how so much can change in just a few weeks. Fantasy football players are just miserable about their high draft picks of D. Anderson, B. Edwards, and Kellen Winslow. Now this team has played a very difficult schdule so far going 1-3 agianst the Boys, Pitt, and Baltimore. They did get a win over the Bengals.

The Giants key to the game are going to be (and I'm starting to sound repetitive) getting after D. Anderson. The one common denominator all year has been the Giants ability to hit the QB. Not alway resulting in a sack but hitting him so he knows they're there. The DB's for the Giants have been excellent this year. In my discussions prior to the season I tried to educate fans from the other three in the NFC east that these DB's aren't the ones you remember and that they would be ranked 1 or 2 at the end of the season in the divsion. Who's laughing now? Anyway going forward I truly believe that there is a possibilty that we could see a QB change in the second half of this game for Cleveland for several reasons.

1. They are coming off a bye week and D. Anderson has had pleanty of time to study film and get his act together. He is already on a short leash so one bad half on national television could be all he wrote.

2. Romeo Crennel can't have too much more time. Again his team came into the season with very high expectations. I believe the first half should be close so going into the second half we may see another QB before the oppertunity to steal one is gone.

3. The Browns have invested money and a high draft pick on a highly touted QB. He isn't going to sit on the bench too much longer and what better stage then Monday night football to showcase him?

Ok so as I said I believe this game will be a close one for a half or so but the Giants open it up in the second half. Cleveland's  D should come out fired up and it may take a few series for Eli to Plax to get readjusted. With that said the second half should be just about the time that BJ really starts to where down on Cleveland's D. If the Giants didn't already have enough motivation for this game by keeping a lead in the east, showing everyone last year wasn't a fluke, and playin on a national stage the Browns Corey Williams had this to say....

Browns' DT Corey Williams, who played with the Packers last season, on HB Brandon Jacobs and the Giants' offensive line: "It's a zone-blocking scheme that lets him run and pick a hole. There ain't nothing physical about them."

Williams on Jacobs: "We came real close to beating the Giants in the NFC title game. We were hitting (Jacobs), and he was slowing it down. He left the game. They let the Bradshaw kid come in. He's really the one who killed us."

Well congrats there Corey way to really give the big guy motivation. Didn't your parents warn you not to poke the bear? I believe the Giants pull away in the second half and win this one by 10.....

Around the East:

Dallas @ Cards - Currently the spread on this game is Dallas -5. Whew they really are coming down to earth in Vegas's mind huh. Only fav by 5? Well reports are out that Terrance Newman has a sports hernia and may need surgery and Pac well he beat up his body guard last night apprantly. Geez Not the time for this type of stuff to be happening to an already overrated Defense. Congrats you get the cards. Hopefully for your sake you win a shootout. I think the game plan for Dallas needs to change they need to take the air out of the ball slow the game down run the clock out and keep their D off the field. If they can do this they can cover and win by 7.

Eagles @ San Fran - Wow what a fall from grace with this team huh. The biggest problem for the Eagles is no Westbrook no offense. So B. West has a sprained ankle oh wait that's better now he only has some fractured ribs. Man this guy can't catch a break. The Eagles need him on the field otherwise it's going to be a long trip cross country. This is a San Fran team that isn't that good but they aren't afraid to win. You maybe saying to yourself that's the most retarded thing I've heard but hear me out. They have a QB that is finally getting a shot, a WR in I. Bruce that is getting a second chance with his fav coach, an outstanding running back, and a Defense that was supposed to be very good last year that just wasn't. They have nothing to lose at this point and everything to gain. Especially with everyone picking the Cards and the Hawks to finish above them. The Eagles D really needs to start flying around the field agian like the one were so use to seeing and carry the offense like in the times of Old. I can't say who is going to win but San Fran is getting 5 and I like the home dog. I'll turn this game on with 5 to go and see who pulls out the late win.

Washington hosting St. Loui - If this ins't a trap game I don't know what one is. Washington even has this one at home so they aren't even fighting the crowed. Listen by no means do I think they will lose this game but if your expecting a Giants or Eagles type W you can forget it. This team is now the toast of the league with 3 quality w's in a row on the road. They now get to go home with every station saying we have a new team and they get to host the worst team I've ever seen. I mean honestly the first two weeks I watched both Eagles and Giants v. St. Loui and they were horrible. Their D couldn't stop some of the top college teams and their Oline was a joke. Infact each linemen looked to be holding a clicker to check how many times Dlinemen were coming through like a turnstyle would. Well they are getting 13 here new coach Bulger back in S. Jackson finally showing improvement. I think they can keep this competitive for a while. Do they win no but take the points 13 if you hold out for a while you may get it at 14 or 15. To many people watch espn and don't do any research themselevs and will bet the hype. When was the last time a rookie head coach and first year QB in the system were double digits favs in the NFL? Maybe they can time will tell.  

Posted on: October 7, 2008 10:12 am

What is the deal?

Hey guys my next post was going to be later in the week with my thoughts of the up coming Brown's game (current spread is Giant's -8 give the points now before it moves) but I can't let this Plaxico thing pass up without giving my two cents.

What is the deal with Plaxico Burress? The guy gets an contract extension 4 weeks ago and then he turns around and pulls this BS. I must admit that I have been a Plaxico appologist. This stops now. You've all seen the transcripts of this guys response to how he will act in the future. He comes right out and says that he would handle it the same. He said he would try to handle better with communication but he seemed so disingenuous. Plax - you just watched your team go out and beat the snot out of a decenet team without you, you got a contract extension after belly aching all camp about it, you've been fined upwards of 40 times already, and not to mention no one other then the Giants wanted to touch you with a 10 ft pole prior to coming here, because of your behavior. You think you can show some remorse for your actions? Maybe a little?

As I've said I've been a Plaxico Burress appologist for too long. Listen I'm not pretending to think that this team doesn't need Plax it does. Most of all Eli needs Plaxico but enough is enough and I'm not sticking up for this guy any longer. Fortunatly for the Giants his behavior hasn't been that of TO "The Player" as the Parcells used to refer to him but 40 fines! Wouldn't you think that Drew Rosenhaus would work on getting these guys a personal development coach? This behavior from his players is costing him and them money not to mention heart ache of the teams they play for.

Moving on let me discuss a few things that seem odd to me. Why do the Giants seem to never catch a break? Tiki Barber, Jeremy Shockey, and now Plaxico Burress. This team has handled these players very well but it seems to never stop. Again the one thing the Giants have in their favor is Plax doesn't treat his QB like the aformentioned TO, Shockey, or Tiki. He usually is pretty good with his critizim towards Eli. The Giants have one of the best evaluators of tallent in Jerry Reese and good thing for them, because in my view this Plaxico saga doesn't end happily. Time will tell.

Finally what is up with the WR's now all acting crazy. What is it in their blood that most of them act a fool as they say on the street. Let's go through our list of notible WRs over the last few years. Brandon Marshall, Terrell Owens, Steve Smith (carolina), Chad Ocho Cinco Johnson, Chris Henry, Plaxico Burress, Randy Moss, Marvin "don't shoot me" Harrison, and Matt Jones we all know their stories what is up with that position? When has football changed to glorify the Wr position so much that these guys feel they can act the way they do. IMO it's due to the fact they don't play in the trenches. The closer you get to the line the less problems you have with the position players. How many offensive linemen can you name around the league? I would suspect most of us can name at least two WRs from every team. Can you do the same with the linemen?

Like to know what everyones thoughts are on this share your opinion and what you think teams should do with these players. 

Posted on: October 6, 2008 10:56 am

Week 5 Breakdown Review

Well as I said the loss of Plax wouldn't be as great as some predicted. Hixon as I expected had his break out game. Unfortunatley his day ended a little early. He showed excellent speed and hands. What I was most impressed with was his route running. My wildcards came to fruition as well. Manningham was on the field made a nice play on the side line where pass interfence was called and also ran the bubble screen very nicely. Looking forward to seeing more from the young man.

Santana Moss, Santana Moss, Santana Moss ladies and gents. Finally brought something to the table. The first touch down was well run. He used his blazzing speed to create seperation and made a nice catch. I will say a lot of the credit for that completion needs to go the big Easy's way. He pump faked to the left sideline to give Moss that extra second of indecision on the DB's part. However, I was very impressed with Moss.

Well Eli came out and did what a lot of people thought he couldn't and that's survive without Plax. He didn't just survive he dominated. As I said in my previous post if you didn't know already he's arived. Let me take this time to point out that the O-line is continually one of the best in the league. They are so under rated it's not even funny. I believe they have allowed the least amount of sacks so far and open lanes a bus could drive through. How many times did BJ hit the second tier of defense without being touched? A lot.

Defense, Defense, Defense. So I pointed out that the Giant D is one of the most underrated in the league with the loss of our two  bookends from last year. I also pointed out the fact that they have taken two QBs out of the game already this year as well. Well they did agian kind of. First series it looked like Hasselback was done for the game. I'm glad he was ok, because it looked like he might have had a knee injury. I'm a Giant's fan but I don't wish that on anyone. We're talking career there. Tuck was blocked or tackled from behind depending on how you want to call it right into Hasselback. Well forntuantly he was ok in that aspect. He would later be taken out when Seattle threw in the towel. And that fortuante for them theres no reason for repeat of A. Boldin mop time where your starters get hurt.

The rest of the East:

Eagles- Plain and simple no heart. They had oppertunities towards the end of the game to do some damage but couldn't get it done. Can someone please explain what happend inside the 5 yd line at the end of the game. Dono was so confussed it wasn't funny and didn't call a time out? I mean was that not a big spot or what. This game is 90% mental and 10% physical and he made a terrible mistake not using a TO there. Anyway it appears to me the window has closed on the Eagles and they need to retool badly.

Skins- Nice win. A w is a w and that's what matters. They stayed strong and came away with the W. They still have a little ways to go but if your a Skin fan you have a lot to cheer about. They weathered the storm and even over came a terrible no call or call and then no call really strange return play not sure how they picked the flag up there. Agian a lot to cheer about there but they can't let themseleves get down by 14 agianst some of the other teams in the league (the Giants) they won't be allowed back in.

Boys- Ok so will the noise about the Giants barely beating the Bengals stop from others in the league. Probably not but thats ok. The Bengals really showed some heart out there yesterday but the Boys got it done. Agian a W is a W and that's what they play for. Some things for concern. Defense of the Cowboys is just not that good. If not for Ware and a few others it would be down right bad. Romo seems to be regressing he needs to cut down on the mistakes just ask any Giant fan they'll tell you all about it. Running game. You may be asking yourself how could this even be brought up. Well IMO they are using there RBs all wrong. I thought it was a mistake before the season and still do. How they are using MDIII is all wrong. He is not a feature back. His strengths are power and punishing running. As a feature back he loses some of that later in the game. Lets face it Felix Jones is a up and coming star. He needs to be the feature and move MDIII back to his role that he excelled at for so much of his career. I think the Tuna knew what he was doing.

Stay tuned for an update for next weeks games.

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Posted on: October 3, 2008 8:52 pm

Week 5 Breakdown

Oh no no Plax! Right? Well not so fast there. If there is one thing that the Giant can be thankful for it's Jerry Reese and the way he built this team. The Giants have IMO the best depth at WR in the league. Amani Toomer is year in and year out one of the most under rated WRs in the league. Is there anyone who can time and time agian get their feet in on the side lines like he does?

Everyone I like to introduce Mr. Domenik Hixon to you. Well I'll let him introduce himself to ou this weekend. This kid has both above avg. hands and speed. He had a coming out party agianst the Browns in the second preseason game. A lot of people will chalk that up to a pre-season game, however what needs to be noted was taht was done with the first team defense on the field and Sinorice Moss lined up opposite of him (not much to draw coverage away).

The 07' draft will go down as one of the all time drafts for any team, that's in any sport. Do you realize that the NY Football Giants ssent out 7 drafted rookies to play in the super bowl! Ross, Smith, Alford, Boss, Johnson, Deossie, and Bradshaw all played. Wow! Well outstanding since being drafted and is now becoming one of E. Manning's favorite targets especiall on 3rd down.

Wildcards. Two players who will need to show what they have this weekend are Sinorice Moss and Mario Manningham. The Giants pretty much know what they have in Moss who they are still wating on. Is this the game he breaks out? Time will tell and time is running out highlighted by the fact Hixon is moving up the chain fast. That brings us Manningham. You don't need me to tell you if your a football fan that this guy has been his own worst enemy. Prior to the draft he was projected to be as high as a low first rounder (smoke much). Well since joining the Giants he has had a string of bad luck from an injury in training camp to a stomach virus earlier this week. As I write this today reports are that he practiced and is good to go this Sunday. According o his college alum buddy the well dressed Amani he will certainly bring something to the table.

This game is the perfect setting for Eli to showcase to the world that he has come full circle and is the real deal going into this game without his number one Plax. If the last six games last year including a super bowl victory that he lead his team to in the final 1:52 in the game weren't enough. Well ladies and gents the table is set and I believe Eli will do just that. The sexy pick this week is for Seattle to win this game with good D and getting their WRs back. If there is one thing that one should know it's Vegas usually knows best. they have the Giants coming out as a 7 point fav without Plax. This really tells you what they think of this team.

What I find most fitting this year is the total disrespect this team got and still gets. With the loss of the great Michael Strahan and Osi going down to injury many picked this team to finish last in the division. People need to start understanding this defense is still very formidable to say the least and the defensive back field is no longer patrolled by the two Wills..... To manys surprise and yours truly as well Corey Webster has started his assent to a very good DB.

This si not a must win for the Giants but in a divison with competition as good as it is this is a game that should be won. With 5 division games still to play against a tough Redskins team, an Eagles team that can win any given Sunday, and a Cowboy team that has the offensive weapons it does. Long story short Seattle needs to be beaten.

Keys to the game:

The defense as always needs to get after the quarterback. They have already twice this year taken a QB out his next game in D. Anderson and also Carson Palmer. When was the last time Carson Palmer didn't start a game? I'll let you check it out yourself you'll find it interesting....

On offense: Well the game calling against the Bengals was less than impressive and Kevin Gilbride needs to learn from his mistakes. Don't try and force something that isn't there. What I mean by that is if they put 9 in the box 9! play action maybe just a thought... The Bengals didn't even try and hide the fact they were trying to take away the run and he still insisted on calling a run play. I suspect that Seattle will try and do the same so lets learn from our mistakes and go from there.

Around the NFC East Week 5:

Eagles vs. Redskins - Very interesting match up this week. The current line is 6. Eagles at home an added 3 points obvioulsy given. So agian Vegas see this as a close game. I would suspect this is do to B. West's status still uncertain. He practiced today but in limited fashion. Is this not to show ones hand or is he for real and going to play. According to his brother of the Redskins it's the latter of the two. I suspect the Eagles D in the end will be abe to keep Campbell off balance enough something the Cowboys weren't able to do and win this game. Depending on a defensive TD I believe the Eagles cover and win by 7.

Cowboys vs. Bengals - Well on behalf of the Giants I would like to say your welcome to the league. The Bengals went inot the Meadowlands with thier backs agianst the wall. At 0-2 looking at 0-3 they needed a win anything else would be a direct ticket to NO playoffs. So with that they threw the sink at the Giants. Now at 0-4 they are playing for nothing and soon the team will fall apart. With that said this is a perfect rebound game for the Boys and they should really take it to the Bungles I mean Bengals.... This one should be a laugher. Vegas sees it that way as well having Dallas as a 17 point fav. I never like taking a spread higher then 10 either way much but this is certainly can turn into a 41- 10 game.


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