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Posted on: October 3, 2008 8:52 pm

Week 5 Breakdown

Oh no no Plax! Right? Well not so fast there. If there is one thing that the Giant can be thankful for it's Jerry Reese and the way he built this team. The Giants have IMO the best depth at WR in the league. Amani Toomer is year in and year out one of the most under rated WRs in the league. Is there anyone who can time and time agian get their feet in on the side lines like he does?

Everyone I like to introduce Mr. Domenik Hixon to you. Well I'll let him introduce himself to ou this weekend. This kid has both above avg. hands and speed. He had a coming out party agianst the Browns in the second preseason game. A lot of people will chalk that up to a pre-season game, however what needs to be noted was taht was done with the first team defense on the field and Sinorice Moss lined up opposite of him (not much to draw coverage away).

The 07' draft will go down as one of the all time drafts for any team, that's in any sport. Do you realize that the NY Football Giants ssent out 7 drafted rookies to play in the super bowl! Ross, Smith, Alford, Boss, Johnson, Deossie, and Bradshaw all played. Wow! Well outstanding since being drafted and is now becoming one of E. Manning's favorite targets especiall on 3rd down.

Wildcards. Two players who will need to show what they have this weekend are Sinorice Moss and Mario Manningham. The Giants pretty much know what they have in Moss who they are still wating on. Is this the game he breaks out? Time will tell and time is running out highlighted by the fact Hixon is moving up the chain fast. That brings us Manningham. You don't need me to tell you if your a football fan that this guy has been his own worst enemy. Prior to the draft he was projected to be as high as a low first rounder (smoke much). Well since joining the Giants he has had a string of bad luck from an injury in training camp to a stomach virus earlier this week. As I write this today reports are that he practiced and is good to go this Sunday. According o his college alum buddy the well dressed Amani he will certainly bring something to the table.

This game is the perfect setting for Eli to showcase to the world that he has come full circle and is the real deal going into this game without his number one Plax. If the last six games last year including a super bowl victory that he lead his team to in the final 1:52 in the game weren't enough. Well ladies and gents the table is set and I believe Eli will do just that. The sexy pick this week is for Seattle to win this game with good D and getting their WRs back. If there is one thing that one should know it's Vegas usually knows best. they have the Giants coming out as a 7 point fav without Plax. This really tells you what they think of this team.

What I find most fitting this year is the total disrespect this team got and still gets. With the loss of the great Michael Strahan and Osi going down to injury many picked this team to finish last in the division. People need to start understanding this defense is still very formidable to say the least and the defensive back field is no longer patrolled by the two Wills..... To manys surprise and yours truly as well Corey Webster has started his assent to a very good DB.

This si not a must win for the Giants but in a divison with competition as good as it is this is a game that should be won. With 5 division games still to play against a tough Redskins team, an Eagles team that can win any given Sunday, and a Cowboy team that has the offensive weapons it does. Long story short Seattle needs to be beaten.

Keys to the game:

The defense as always needs to get after the quarterback. They have already twice this year taken a QB out his next game in D. Anderson and also Carson Palmer. When was the last time Carson Palmer didn't start a game? I'll let you check it out yourself you'll find it interesting....

On offense: Well the game calling against the Bengals was less than impressive and Kevin Gilbride needs to learn from his mistakes. Don't try and force something that isn't there. What I mean by that is if they put 9 in the box 9! play action maybe just a thought... The Bengals didn't even try and hide the fact they were trying to take away the run and he still insisted on calling a run play. I suspect that Seattle will try and do the same so lets learn from our mistakes and go from there.

Around the NFC East Week 5:

Eagles vs. Redskins - Very interesting match up this week. The current line is 6. Eagles at home an added 3 points obvioulsy given. So agian Vegas see this as a close game. I would suspect this is do to B. West's status still uncertain. He practiced today but in limited fashion. Is this not to show ones hand or is he for real and going to play. According to his brother of the Redskins it's the latter of the two. I suspect the Eagles D in the end will be abe to keep Campbell off balance enough something the Cowboys weren't able to do and win this game. Depending on a defensive TD I believe the Eagles cover and win by 7.

Cowboys vs. Bengals - Well on behalf of the Giants I would like to say your welcome to the league. The Bengals went inot the Meadowlands with thier backs agianst the wall. At 0-2 looking at 0-3 they needed a win anything else would be a direct ticket to NO playoffs. So with that they threw the sink at the Giants. Now at 0-4 they are playing for nothing and soon the team will fall apart. With that said this is a perfect rebound game for the Boys and they should really take it to the Bungles I mean Bengals.... This one should be a laugher. Vegas sees it that way as well having Dallas as a 17 point fav. I never like taking a spread higher then 10 either way much but this is certainly can turn into a 41- 10 game.


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