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Posted on: October 7, 2008 10:12 am

What is the deal?

Hey guys my next post was going to be later in the week with my thoughts of the up coming Brown's game (current spread is Giant's -8 give the points now before it moves) but I can't let this Plaxico thing pass up without giving my two cents.

What is the deal with Plaxico Burress? The guy gets an contract extension 4 weeks ago and then he turns around and pulls this BS. I must admit that I have been a Plaxico appologist. This stops now. You've all seen the transcripts of this guys response to how he will act in the future. He comes right out and says that he would handle it the same. He said he would try to handle better with communication but he seemed so disingenuous. Plax - you just watched your team go out and beat the snot out of a decenet team without you, you got a contract extension after belly aching all camp about it, you've been fined upwards of 40 times already, and not to mention no one other then the Giants wanted to touch you with a 10 ft pole prior to coming here, because of your behavior. You think you can show some remorse for your actions? Maybe a little?

As I've said I've been a Plaxico Burress appologist for too long. Listen I'm not pretending to think that this team doesn't need Plax it does. Most of all Eli needs Plaxico but enough is enough and I'm not sticking up for this guy any longer. Fortunatly for the Giants his behavior hasn't been that of TO "The Player" as the Parcells used to refer to him but 40 fines! Wouldn't you think that Drew Rosenhaus would work on getting these guys a personal development coach? This behavior from his players is costing him and them money not to mention heart ache of the teams they play for.

Moving on let me discuss a few things that seem odd to me. Why do the Giants seem to never catch a break? Tiki Barber, Jeremy Shockey, and now Plaxico Burress. This team has handled these players very well but it seems to never stop. Again the one thing the Giants have in their favor is Plax doesn't treat his QB like the aformentioned TO, Shockey, or Tiki. He usually is pretty good with his critizim towards Eli. The Giants have one of the best evaluators of tallent in Jerry Reese and good thing for them, because in my view this Plaxico saga doesn't end happily. Time will tell.

Finally what is up with the WR's now all acting crazy. What is it in their blood that most of them act a fool as they say on the street. Let's go through our list of notible WRs over the last few years. Brandon Marshall, Terrell Owens, Steve Smith (carolina), Chad Ocho Cinco Johnson, Chris Henry, Plaxico Burress, Randy Moss, Marvin "don't shoot me" Harrison, and Matt Jones we all know their stories what is up with that position? When has football changed to glorify the Wr position so much that these guys feel they can act the way they do. IMO it's due to the fact they don't play in the trenches. The closer you get to the line the less problems you have with the position players. How many offensive linemen can you name around the league? I would suspect most of us can name at least two WRs from every team. Can you do the same with the linemen?

Like to know what everyones thoughts are on this share your opinion and what you think teams should do with these players. 

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