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Posted on: October 16, 2008 1:33 pm

NFC East week 7 preview

Giants vs. 49ers

I started last week by talking about why Monday night games are so nice to watch. Well I forgot to mention one and to be honest I don't think I was objective enough at the time to state why. It's becomes a short week until the next game and there is no better way to forget about a loss then to get back out on the field and get a W and that is certainly something this teams needs.

One of my keys to the game last week was getting pressure on the QB. The Giants didn't record one sack and this certainly didn't help the situation. But after going over the game again it occured to me that the Giants still could have won that game without the defense playing well at all. Turnovers were the one and only reason the Giants lost that game. Down 13 with 7min to go and driving I was confident they could still win that game just as I was confident Eli would score running the 2min offense before the end of the half. With that said I'm going to turn my attention to the offense this week. Play smart football. I think at this point that is the most important key to this game vs. San Fran. The current line on this game is -10.5. I have to say this is a tough line and I don't think the Giants will cover. They very well can but if I had to lay money on this game I would take the points.

What we can expect:

As I stated earlier .... protecting the ball is going to be a major factor. O'Sullivan has 7 ints over this 3 game loseing streak SF has going. His recent fall from grace within the orginization will not get any easier this week. Two factors they are coming accross the country and it's a 1pm game thats 10am their time. For some reason or other you can check the stats, teams coming from the west coast playing 1pm games are just terrible ala Seattle two weeks ago. Eli will protect the ball better this week and distribute it better. At least he better! The one and only reason I'm weary about the point spread is it's my belief Pierce will have the week off. From the outside looking in most would say this isn't a big loss. AP doesn't have the measurements that make one go wow but he is our field general. He directs the linemen and the DB's. I think Chase will fill in admiralbly, however lossing leadership is tough. IMO this is a bigger loss then Osi. Let me be clear that there is no reason to believe the Giants will lose they are playing a broken team coming of a heart breaking loss, a team with a QB starting to show why he is a journeymen and a the front seven is good enough without AP to contain Frank Gore.  

Around the East:

Let me start with the Eagles. I'm going to go on record and say that I think this is going to be a one of the most dangerous teams in the second half of the season. I don't think the Eagles could have recieved a better bye week than this one. They get the 49ers prior to the bye and get the W. This allows and extra week for Westbrook to get healthy, Curtis to get readjusted, and then they get Atlanta at home the following week. Think Jim J's D will have a good time with that rookie QB? I do. Watch the Eagles second half to make a nice run at the playoffs.

Reskins vs. Cleveland: I'm going to call this game the defining game. I call it that, because I believe it to be that for both of these teams. The outcome will shape the rest of the season for these two IMO. If the Redskins can get a bounce back win it will show that they just needed a little wakeup call that entitlement is not a word that should be used in the NFL.

The current line on this game is Redskins -7. I don't think they cover that but I do believe they get the W. First and foremost I'm a believer in this team and I really believe they needed last week if they wanted to really persue the post season. You can check my previous weeks post I didn't think they were going to show up. I do believe they will show up this week vs. Cleveland and I truly believe this is a make it or break it for the Browns if they fall to 2-4 kiss is good night. With that said Clinton Portis should have a huge day. I believe he carries this team to a W. If you can take anything from the this season so far it's Campbell is very carefull with the ball. If he keeps it up and protects the ball this week Look for the Skins to pull out a 6 point W. Campbell really reminds me of David Garrad of last year.

Dallas vs. St. Louis: Come on move on. Dallas wins this game with just pure quality of tallent. They have alot of guys hurt but even so they win this game. The current spread is -7 give the points they win by 10 easy. Romo got a call from Brett the Jett and he pretty much told Romo to man up so look for Romo to possibly play this week. Even if he doesn't B. Johnson will lead this team to V. Whats funny is the injury to Romo will actually force the Cowboys to call a good game. What I mean by that is hand it early and often to M. Barber.

I just wanted to revisit this RW trade quickly. Its my own fault but I dropped by the Dallas board to state my opinion on this and took a lot of flack. Not from anyone who matters one or two nobodys but I just don't understand the move. It seems very Stienbrenner esc if you will. It is clear as day that this team needs help on Defense. Offense is not the problem, they have so many playmakers already that there was a little spat of TO complaining about only 17 balls coming his way. Can you imagine?  Now there is only one situation in which I see this trade really being useful and thats if TO is leaving.

Lets think of some teams that have a recieving core like this. Arizonia - Anquan caused trouble this offseason about not getting extended. There Defense has taken a hit for this I think its pretty clear. They lost Calvin Pace this offseason to the Jets as a free agent, because the two of them make so much. Lenord Davis walked the year before, because they couldn't afford him. The Bengals- Ever heard the phrase Ocho Cinco - Enough said about that take Anquan's complaints and move it to the 10th power. Hows there Defense been? Finally the Lions they are in a category of their own but we all no how that relationship ended. I pointed out that this trade would have been good for the Eagles and one Cowboy fan had the nerve to say that it's the same senario because the Eagles have like 9 less points scored this year. I mean really as a Cowboy fan how can you even make that statement? I'd love to get some Eagle feedback on that. How many of you out there have been completely disrespected about your offense from Cowboys fans as far as quality of recievers? I'm going to end it with this Offense doesn't win championships Defense does and unless the Cowboys address this they are going to have to wait a little while longer.


2007 NFL  Super Bowl XLII: New York Giants (NFC,10-6) defeated New England Patriots (AFC,16-0), Score: 17-14
2006 NFL  Super Bowl XLI: Indianapolis Colts (AFC,12-4) defeated Chicago Bears (NFC,13-3), Score: 29-17
2005 NFL  Super Bowl XL: Pittsburgh Steelers (AFC,11-5) defeated Seattle Seahawks (NFC,13-3), Score: 21-10
2004 NFL  Super Bowl XXXIX: New England Patriots (AFC,14-2) defeated Philadelphia Eagles (NFC,13-3), Score: 24-21
2003 NFL  Super Bowl XXXVIII: New England Patriots (AFC,14-2) defeated Carolina Panthers (NFC,11-5), Score: 32-29
2002 NFL  Super Bowl XXXVII: Tampa Bay Buccaneers (NFC,12-4) defeated Oakland Raiders (AFC,11-5), Score: 48-21
2001 NFL  Super Bowl XXXVI: New England Patriots (AFC,11-5) defeated St. Louis Rams (NFC,14-2), Score: 20-17
2000 NFL  Super Bowl XXXV: Baltimore Ravens (AFC,12-4) defeated New York Giants (NFC,12-4), Score: 34-7
1999 NFL  Super Bowl XXXIV: St. Louis Rams (NFC,13-3) defeated Tennessee Titans (AFC,13-3), Score: 23-16

Just to hammer home my point I wanted to add the last 9 superbowl matchups with the final outcomes. Look through these games and show me a team that didn't have an above avg. defense that won? We could go back further but you get the point. I highlighted the team with a better statistical offense. The two teams that won with a better offense didn't let the other team score more than 17 points!

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