Posted on: October 15, 2008 9:16 am

NFC East Shake Up?

Ok everyone I decided not to post a recap of week 6 until today, because I wanted the bad taste out of my mouth before I posted. I have to say this game went almost exactly like I said except for one slight misdirecetion. Eli lead the team down for a score right before half like he always does to move them within 3. Then the Giants get the ball to start the quarter and this is where they pull away right? Annnnt wrong. Eli turns the ball over and the defense can't hold the Browns. If you recall my one key to the game was to get to the QB and the Giants didn't. They didn't record one sack. I'm going to chalk this one up to a quarter loss. The one loss your allowed for every 4 games. if you can go 3 -1 throughout you'll be 12-4 at the end of the season and in a nice spot for the playoffs.

Ok I haven't been to the boards, because I can't even think about what is being written about Eli. Let's concentrate on the good. We ran at will clipping off 5yds per carry. Even as atroshius as we played the Giants were still in the game until the late pick for a score. Can someone tell me why they went from no huddle moving to the ball to huddeling up inside the 20? Anyway down 13 with 7mins to go I thought the Giants were still going to pull off an ugly one. I'll let Eli slide and just say the dirty hit by Rodgers (driving Eli into the ground ball was out) was the reason for the pick6. So it wasn't a complete loss just not a good game all around. I think Spags needs to start thinking about some nickel pacakages, because this is a copy cat league and the three step drop to the quick pass was killing the Giants all night. Lets get an extra DB ready to go next week. Rebound game San Fran perfect setting.

Around the East

Eagles v. 9ers

Again I was pretty much spot on with every game. Lets start with the Eagles they are the easiest. They won a game they needed to win. It was ugly but at the end of the year going into the playoffs ugly doesn't matter. This game was decided with 5 mins to go just like I said it would. Turnovers late that turned into points made this game look a lot different then it really was. Ealges on bye get healthy Westbrook I got you in fantasy!

Skins v. Rams

Well I told you guys this was the trap game of the year. I mean I guess you can say the same for the Giants but they played a decent team on the road on Monday night football not really the same as playing the 2nd worst team in the league at home at 1pm on Sunday. I figured Washington wouldn't cover but to flat out lose I didn't think would happen. I fig their Defense alone would score enough to win this game. Hey you have to play every week that's why you play the games. Next up Cleveland. I'll give a break down later this week but Perfect setting for the Skins to get this show back on the Road.

Cowboys v. Cards

Geez where do I start? I guess with the point I made that this team was going to need to win a shootout if they wanted to win this game but they didn't. Not surpirsed about the lose but I am surprised about everything else that unfolded. Romo out 4 weeks (on my fantasy team) Pacman - maybe gone forever, Jones out four weeks, trade 1,3,6 for Roy Williams? I mean I understand that I write these blogs for fun but can someone tell me how this got through. Your defense is in shambles and you have the number one scoreing offense in the league and you go out and get a Wr and give up a 1,3,6 oh yeah you got a 7 back. The tuna must be laughing his but off. Everythig he did to build this team the Cowboys are doing the opposite. The only good players they have on D he built thorugh the draft. The O he pretty much put togehter himself without one trade. I mean this to me is just plain stupid but hey who am I and maybe it will work out. Is Roy Williams really that good? I have him in fantasy as well and let me tell you he isn't. Oh yeah get this 20mm guarentted. So he is getting top 5 wr money.LOL.

It's starting to be apprantent to me the Jerry Jones is not a football guy. Lets face it the Cowboys of the 90's were great. But be real here Jimmy Johnson built that team through the draft. He took Aikman when Jones was completely agianst it  and Emit as well. Jerry said Emit was to small and the only reason Jimmy wanted him was because he was a FL guy. Hey it's starting to look as if those teams won inspite of Jerry. Then that team got old and broke up and the Cowboys completely fell apart they brought in the Tuna and he built it back to respectable THRUOGH THE DRAFT! and now they are trading away picks agian for sexy players. Well It's only a matter of time before the TO saga starts. And you know what stinks about that is the Cowboys drama will be the only news broadcasted. However, It does let the Giants sink back to the shadows where they are best suited.

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